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Product name  Automatic excretion processing device "Dialet" 
 Model number  HF-201
Rated voltage  AC 240V 
Rated frequency  50 / 60Hz 
 Power consumption Maximum 1000W 
 Tank capacity Effective capacity of water supply tank 4ℓ 
 Effective capacity of sewage tank 5ℓ 
Body dimensions: Depth  580mm, Width: 450mm, Height: 450mm 
 Body weight Approximately 20 kg 
 Power cord length 5m (detachable type) 
Power cord 1
 Hose unit1
 Cup unit1
Waste tank1
Remote control battery(Alkaline AAA type) 2
The automatic excretion processing device Dialet does not use disposable diapers.

The cover is made of cloth and can be used over and over again.

Therefore, it is economical and can reduce the cost of consumables for disposable diapers.

Of course, it also helps to protect the global environment because it reduces waste
By being comfortable with the care recipient, the mental friction with the caregiver will be reduced, and you will be able to lead a smooth care life.

In addition, it is no longer necessary to ask the caregiver to replace the disposable diapers, which protects the dignity of the care recipient and raises expectations for early recovery.
Since it has a closed structure, caregivers can dispose of it without directly touching the excrement

There is no need to change diapers, and there is almost no odor associated with excretion.

Long-term care frees you from the most burdensome task of excretion processing.

You will be able to provide long-term care with plenty of time and mental leeway.

Even if you urinate or stool without knowing it, the automatic sensor will immediately detect it, and it will automatically suck, wash with hot water, and dry with warm air.

The central part of the diaper is made of waterproof and antibacterial polyurethane adopted by NASA for astronauts and is soft.

It's a fully automatic system, so it's safe, clean, and comfortable even when you're sleeping. No need for disposable diapers.

It is also possible for the user to operate it directly with the remote control.

Automatic excretion processordevice diarlet pamphlet

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Automatic excretion processor is a device
whose purpose is to improve
the life of all with sanitary care.
At a time when you lying on the bed, devaice
automatically absorbs and makes washing.
Every day, feel good!
Freedom and peace of mind!
Reduced strain on care
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