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H.R.C.2021 International Welfare Equipment Exhibition

International Welfare Equipment Exhibition Held from November 10th to 12th, 2021. This year's H.R.C.2021 venue is the Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Building.

We are now looking for distributors!

Our product, the automatic excretion processing device "Dialet" We will start recruiting agents to sell (rent). If you are interested, please contact us by phone or from the inquiry page.

You can see the product introduction of "Dialet" on this page.

No more late-night diaper changes with the diary!

A nursing robot that supports the care of bedridden people at nightThe sensor instantly detects excrement (urine / stool) and We will suck, wash and dry with warm air.

Automatic excretion processor Dialet.全自动排泄处理系统
Night,processing of excretion of bedridden people.
Automatic sensor(Suction.Hot water cleaning.Drying)
Disposable diapers unnecessary. Nursing-care robot